When the six second video sharing app Vine first launched...

How Social Media is Raising Money to Tackle the Somali Drought – Love Army for Somalia

Every now and then, social media acts as a powerful force for good.

When the six second video sharing app Vine first launched, few people would’ve expected it to result in anything significant. And for the most part, those people were right. However, it did make a couple of people social media-stars, including Frenchman Jerome Jarre, who was one of the biggest names on the app.

Vine has since come to an end, but Jarre’s career has not. Now he’s making waves in the world of fundraising. After learning about the drought in Somalia earlier this year, Jarre set up a Go Fund Me campaign called Love Army for Somalia. His goal was to convince Turkish Airlines, the only commercial company to fly to Somalia, to use one of its planes to carry over a shipment of food and aid.